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Washing Machine Double Outlet Faucet
Intelligent Water Blocking Safe & Reliable

Taste Arts of Life

Show elegant arts of life & personalize ways of life Without any burden of complication, lighten up the living area; each gorgeous “switch” shows minimalism of life.

3 Key Features GONGJIANG Washing Machine Double Outlet Faucet

1.Double Outlets; Double Faucets
Effectively prevent users from flooding, explosion and faucet falling off.
2.Intelligent Water Blocking
Independent control for double faucets and does not affect the function of each other.
3.Independent Control
Adopt advanced ceramic valve core and seal seamlessly; feel smooth and comfortable.

6 Technical Advantages Facilitate Millions of Households

Intelligent Water Blocking Patented Technology National Standard Fine Copper Three Years of Warranty

1.Intelligent Water Blocking Safety Guarantee
Intelligent Water Blocking faucet can prevent washing machine from flooding, explosion, faucet falling off and etc. for users.
2.Complete Interfaces Double Outlets
Default interface of the double faucet outlets is the common specification of 4-point.
3.Beautiful Linear Exterior Design Patent
More rational structure brings better use experience.
4.Double Outlets Independent Controls
Dual structure with one-in and two-outs. Independent control for double faucets. Easy to use. Adoption of high quality copper valve core enables comfortable use experience.
5.Adopt Red Stamping Technology
Faucets adopt “Red Stamping” Technology; have excellent quality and are reliable to use.
6.Advanced Ceramic Valve Core
Adoption of advanced ceramic valve core enables better seal ability, smoother feeling and more comfortable use.