Macula Support®

Macula Support

Macula Support®

Food Supplement for Macular degneration
Macula Support®

BASIC AREDS™ Formulation for intermediate to adva nced Macular Degeneration

diagnosed by an eye care professional; (‘Age Related Advanced Dry Macular Degeneration’ – Eye Disease).

Pharmaceutical form: Softgel Capsule for easy swallowing.
Dosage per day: Therapy for patient: 1 softgel caps in the morning and 1 softgel caps in the evening, during or after meals with some liquid.
Product formula: Basic AREDS ingredients per daily dosage
  Carotenoids: Lutein 10 mg
    Zeaxanthin 2 mg
  Vitamins: C 500 mg
    E 400 mg
  Minerals: Zinc as sulphate 50 mg
    Copper as sulphate 2 mg
Allergy information: Product contains Soya Lecithin
Product does NOT contain: Salt, suger or preserving agents

General information:
Age related Dry Macula Degeneration (AMD) is a progressive deterioration of the light-sensitive cells in the macula, which is the yellow spot and part of the retina, which is a sort of lining covering the back of the eye.
This degenerative disease affects the central vision which becomes gradually worse; one cannot see anymore details and reading and recognition of faces is becoming difficult.

Three facts are associated with AMD:

Age and genetics (‘it runs in families’);

  • Daily diet ; what to eat and what not;
  • Way of life and living; do NOT smoke and wear good sunglasses.

Scientific information:
The American National Eye Institute (Chairwoman Prof. Dr. Emily Chew) have reported the results of the ARED 1 and ARED 2 studies, which show clearly that a specific combination of carotenoids, vitamins and minerals will delay and/or stabilize the progressive deterioration of the disease in the serious cases with about 25%.
Very recently, it has been scientifically established that genetic predisposition is also a cause for concern; that is why today it is equally important to check the eyes of the relatives of patients for early onset macular degeneration (‘Familial Macular Degeneration’).