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Vision for the future; Better living environment, a better world!

The disposal of solid waste is a huge problem nowadays. This problem continues to grow with the growth of population. Disposal of waste in dumpsite has become routine in many developing countries. But, when the waste accumulate they pose a health threat to people, plus, decaying wastes also attract household pests and result in urban areas becoming unhealthy, dirty, and unsightly places to reside in. Moreover, it also causes damage to terrestrial organisms, while also reducing the uses of the land for other, more useful purposes.

Now garbage disposal is already a very serious problem.

■ It has a direct impact on our quality of life!

■ Garbage dumping areas are getting full soon. Furthermore, shortage of land in Hong Kong also placed an enormous pressure on garbage disposal and our environment!

Isn't it "landfill waste" is the only solution?

Do you get a better way to dispose the garbage safely?

Is it about time we consider using a new incineration system?

Waste Incineration An Alternative Solution To Garbage Disposal

S.I.N.C. High Heat Technology High Speed Municipal Waste Disposal Unit ECO High-Heat High-Speed Incineration A new generation incinerator that match the world's gold standard


Japan Gifu National University expertly designs this unique compact incineration system for city with high density of population. This is a new generation of incineration to replace conventional incineration.

And this special feature addresses to the critical need of Hong Kong's environment !

Our system is specially design to set up close to residential areas

1) Efficient & fast garbage collection:
  1. ■ Close to garbage source
  2. ■ Reduce cost of transportation
  3. ■ Minimize traffic congestion
  4. ■ Avoid pollution during long distant transportation
2) Combustion:
  1. ■ Clean emission
  2. ■ Non toxic (No Dioxin)
  3. ■ Odorless
  4. ■ Colorless
  5. ■ Smokeless
3) Waste minimization
  1. ■ Volume of dust is 1/1000 after burning of wastes (1 kilo per 1 ton of waste)

A SWOT Analysis (Compare our compact system with conventional incinerator)


  1. ■ Efficient & fast garbage collection (Close to garbage source)
  2. ■ Reduce cost of transportation
  3. ■ Minimize traffic congestion in major traffic corridors
  4. ■ Avoid pollution during transportation


  1. ■ Environmental Friendly
  2. ■ Economical
  3. ■ Compact & Unique
  4. ■ Low Running Cost


  1. ■ Volume capacity is 40 MT /day (guarantee minimum)


  1. ■ No

  Result from the implement of SINC Incineration System

Waste management policy, reduction, recycle and safe treatment of waste will be implemented and waste management will strictly follow the principle of recycle economy. And this act eventually will transform the development of the recycling industry. This will create a lot of jobs opportunity and many people will be benefited from this.

  1. ■ Waste paper recycling industry
  2. ■ Kitchen waste recycling industry
  3. ■ Metal recycling industry
  4. ■ Plastic Recycling Industry
  5. ■ Advanced e-waste recycling industry
  6. ■ Early treatment of industrial recycling
  7. ■ Low-end e-waste recycling industry
  8. ■ ................