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What is subcritical water?

When the temperature and the pressure of water are raised to 374 ℃ and 22 Mpa (220 atmospheres), it becomes an uniform fluid that is neither steam nor water. This condition is called the critical point. Above this point, water is called super critical water, and the reaction from this water is called the super critical water reaction. Moreover the hot water where temperature and pressure are lower than the critical point is called subcritical water, and this is called a hydrothermal reaction. Through this reaction the organic molecules such as starch and protein are decomposed into glucose and amino acid as well as being changed into a liquid form from solids. In conclusion this reaction is very safe, good for environment, and obtains valuable resource such as proteins from food waste by a quick and easy process.

To use this sub-critical hydrolysis reaction makes recycling of waste easy and gentle on the environment.

Japanese MRM data


The MRM is a future type of Sub-critical water reactor that processes flammable waste by using high pressure and high temperature in a pressurized vessel. There is no incineration process; therefore MRM doesn’t generate carbon dioxide, dioxin, or nitrous oxide. Odors are not generated because of the sealed process. This is very good for the prevention of the global warming gases and the protection of the environment. The resulting processed products are in a germ-free condition, with the residual dioxin and heavy metals below government safety standards. The dimensions of MRMⅡ is 4.5 m in height, 8 m in length, and 2.5 m in width. Processing 2 ㎥ of waste takes about an hour. To operate MRMⅡ requires 2 to 3 people. The cost to process 2㎥ waste is about 3,000 yen including fuel and electricity.

It is able to recycle organic waste such as raw garbage, architectural scrap wood, organic sludge, polystyrene, shredder dust, agricultural vinyl, incineration ash, and any other flammable waste.

Our company offers "M" Recycle Machine (MRM) to deal with all kind of organic garbage.  And we can also supply high quality organic fertilizers.

High - tech small molecule organic fertilizers.


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