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Municipal Vehicles

We are the sole agent of a reputable municipal vehicles manufacturer in China, with the most complete variety, reliable performance, stable quality and moderate price. First-class production equipment, exquisite innovative technology, scientific and effective management and quality assurance system have created high-quality special vehicle products.

Main products:

1. Garbage transportation series: compression type, carriage mobile type (hook arm type), swing tube type, sealed type, docking type hanging bucket type, kitchen type, etc.;

2. Tank truck series: sprinkler truck, water supply truck, sewage suction truck, manure suction truck, high pressure cleaning truck, spraying landscaping truck, etc.;

3. Tank type hazardous chemical transportation series: oil truck, semi-trailer oil truck, refueling truck dust truck disaster medicine spraying truck.

4. Special vehicle series: sorting garbage transport vehicles, aerial work vehicles, road wreckers, truck-mounted cranes, truck-mounted lifting transport vehicles, asphalt spreaders, fracturing sand tank trucks, etc.;

5. Semi-trailer and self-unloading series.