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 Prefabricated House

core technology products such as movable living containers, creative intelligent lodging, prefabricated light steel, heavy steel integrated houses, etc.; It has strong R&D and design, production and processing, installation and maintenance, and sales service capabilities. Products and services include: sales and leasing of various residential containers; R&D and design, customized production, processing, installation of all kinds of mobile accommodations, shops, sentry boxes, offices, barracks, space capsules, sun rooms, public toilets, etc.;

From the initial temporary construction of dormitories, canteens, warehouses, and disaster relief and anti-epidemic cabins on the construction site, to the comprehensive office building, real estate sales center, investment promotion center, business park, and expansion base barracks of the project department; From temporary mobile toilets, guard boxes, and commissaries, to a new generation of smart public toilets, convenient service stations, community fire police booths, unmanned vending shops, and Internet celebrity commercial streets; From farmhouse kitchens, restaurants, guest rooms, post stations, to tourist reception centers, cultural tourism resort hotel rooms, Internet celebrity specialty accommodations, etc., we provide high-quality products and services for the majority of customers through our professional and efficient own advantages.

We focus on the R&D and promotion of high-quality temporary houses and prefabricated steel structure buildings to realize the livable and omfortable dream of thousands of enterprises or families. Will be in the "one heart, one way, create brilliant!" We will make unremitting efforts to create a new form of prefabricated building development!


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