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The Curie Inception


When you look at this global infection map from the World Health Organization (WHO), you will see major infection countries that are all far away from China. Why? Why is it that China can stop COVID-19 compared to the rest of the world? One of the possible and direct simple reasons is, because China can provide masks with fresh meltblown that carry a fresh electrostatic charge without having to deal with freight container shipping that can lose efficacy during transport on water. Therefore, China has a much higher protection rate than the US and Europe..


Currently, China holds 90% of the world’s mask production and meltblown production. 90% of masks and meltblowns need to be shipped from China.

When masks are put into a freight container and shipped via ocean, extreme conditions during transit have severe impacts on the mask efficiency to protect against bacteria and viruses. The temperatures inside the container are cycled anywhere from 58°C to 16°C every day. Humidity levels on the ocean can reach detrimentally high levels. Such environments provide a perfect condition to discharge electrostatic force on masks and their meltblown. Seoul National University conducted an experiment in March 2020, that demonstrated that after the electrostatic force is discharged, the meltblown in masks cannot protect you much from dust, bacteria, and viruses.


This graph above shows an example of what conditions the masks will face inside the container. The humidity and temperature levels will directly affect the mask integrity of the protection efficiency. Every container takes about 1 month to travel from China to the US. By the time the mask reaches the consumer, the electrostatic force has been heavily discharged.


PP1 and PP2 are the major ingredients for meltblown. In the graph above, you can see how the electrostatic force is radically discharged. The World Trade Organization (WTO) conducted a study, and found that 3M 1860 masks only achieved 75% protection efficiency. As 3M 1860 mask uses PP1, the case study matches with the graph data as shown.

A New Approach

To protect the US and Europe, a new approach different from electrostatic force was needed. This new approach needed to be cost efficient and have scalable rapid production. It has to be stable - able to survive extreme conditions without sacrificing its protective efficacy and remain safe for continual human consumption.

In 2013, the New York State Department of Health discovered spike proteins over coronavirus resulting in a strong negative charge. With the strands of COVID-19 in September 2020 already different from COVID-19 on December 2019, the virus now contains 10 times more negatively charged spike protein, and which in fact makes the virus stronger and more difficult to stop.


If COVID-19 acted like SARS in 2003, the virus outbreak should have been stopped in June 2020.

So, what is different about Covid-19? As negatively charged, COVID-19 is inarguably much stronger than SARS. With a stronger negative charge, the greater affinity to ACE-2 receptor infection rate is much higher than other coronaviruses, similar to SARS. So how do we kill it? The best way to arrest and kill, would be a strong positive charge. The solution would be to maintain a stable positive charge that can withstand all types of deteriorating conditions brought on with time and transport. The only way to maintain a stable positive charge is by a chemical nano structure and not an unstable electrostatic charge. Our positive charge chemical nano structure can only be destroyed at temperature in excess of 300°C, or exposure to strong acid. We have stress tested our product and put our fabric into 120°C ovens for 48 hours. The result is that our filtration efficiency remains the same at 99.99%. Our BFE and VFE will stay the same even during extreme atmospheric conditions in transport from China to the US or Europe.


This is just the first issue of electrostatic discharge during transport solved by our team. The second issue happens as you wear a mask. Virus and bacteria will begin to grow after 4 hours of usage.

The growth rate of bacteria and virus can reach up to 180 times or more. As regular movement of the head occurs, the virus will airborne itself again. And in reality, as people temporarily take off and set down their mask to surfaces (e.g. to eat or drink), probably transference of COVID-19 is high. This is the reason why COVID-19 needs to be killed on mask.


Examined under an electron microscope, you will find that the envelope of Covid-19 is a very fragile protein chain, with a negatively charged polar head. Once they experience a positive charge, it will pull that polar head, and the chain will break. The envelope of the virus will tear off a hole and they will die. Therefore, a positive charge provides a double benefit here:
1. Arresting

The mutation trend of COVID-19 is having more spike proteins and grows stronger on negative charges. Electrostatic forces work less efficiently under this mutation trend. And our positive charge will work more effectively.

Being able to create a stable product means being able to supply the world with a product that can effectively assist in keeping viruses and outbreaks at arrest. However, the realization that the product needs to be able to accomplish this safely is of our top concern. While some of our competition have also brought forth their own products in answer to the Covid-19 pandemic, our Curie product is the only one of its kind to claim health safety for human use. Our main ingredient is a WHO approved food additive. And unlike some of our competitors, we do not use metals in our formulation. We do not use Zinc or other toxic metals when breathed in could pose long term health risks.


While some other competitors have contrived products that are safe, we have a product that is not only safe but also stable, cost effective, and scalable. Because we know that far beyond this Covid-19 pandemic, we have emanated a technical path for our product that is continually evolving into more products to fight the world of future bacteria and viruses.



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